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1mW Green Lasers

1mW Green Lasers (33)
Europe Legal

5mW Green lasers

5mW Green lasers (27)
USA Legal lasers

10mW + Green Lasers

10mW + Green Lasers (8)
Professional use Lasers

Green Modules

Green Modules (5)
High Power Modules


Astronomy (10)
Astronomy - Star Pointing

Laser levels

Laser levels (7)
Laser levels

Laser Show Kit

Laser Show Kit (17)
Laser Show KIT

Red Lasers 5mW+

Red Lasers 5mW+ (15)
red lasers 5 Mw +

Blue Laser pointers (7)

Blue Laser pointers 405nm or 473nm

Bounce Mirrors

Bounce Mirrors (0)

Bounce mirrors for use in laser shows or with laser projectors .....we recommned 2 inch versions for home use or short distances and 4 inch verions for club / stage use

high power blue laser (2)

High Power Blue Laser pointer

High Power red lasers (6)
High power red lasers 10MW+

Green laser 20mW (4)
Green laser 20mW

Green laser 50mW (11)
Green laser 50mW

Green laser 100mW (15)
Green laser 100mW

Blue laser Pointers (4)

Blue Laser Pointers

Blue 460nm Laser Pens (6)

Blue 460nm Laser Pointers

980 808 nm Portable Laser (1)

980nm invisable laser